Kegging Wine at Sheldon

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

Chris Wright and a group of lovely volunteers recently took a trip up to Sheldon Wines – the urban winery in Santa Rosa – to learn first hand about how the wines we serve on tap are put into kegs. In celebration of the release of their Gemini Project, a Granache/Syrah blend making it’s menu debut next week, the husband and wife duo at Sheldon shared their wine making philosophy, introduced us to the process of ‘kegging’ wines and then passed the hoses to us.

 In short we learned:

  1. Wine making is about 80% hygiene.
  2. Wearing white whilst making (or tasting) wine is dumb.
  3. If you want to taste wine while kegging wine, do so carefully.
  4. If a winemaker tells you they had a hard day at work, you can be about 95% certain your job is still not as fun.